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The international Historic
Motoring Awards
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Archive of the Histroic Road Sports Championship 2015 Season Report



Hitoric Road Sports Champions 2015

Historic Roadsports Champion
Kevin Kivlochan (A) Morgan Plus 8

Class Winners
Colin Sharpe (B) Triumph TR4A
Roger Waite (C) Lotus
John shaw (D) Porsche 911
Dick Coffey (E) Turner MK2
Richard Owen (F) Triumph TR2

David Barraclough Trophy Winner
Ian Burford

Gerry Marshall
Trophy Winner

Morgan Sparrow

Newsletter Nov 2015 issue 11

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Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016.
Tyre Regulations for 2016
Dear All,

As you know we are in the midst of potential change with the tyres that we use in our Championship, an initiative that has been forced on us by our diplomatic friends in Brussels. I would like to thank all of you for your valued feedback on the topic. I am keen to make sure that as many drivers of our great series as possible are catered for now and I also want to safeguard the longer term stability and preservation of our Championship for the future. The tyre lists produced by the MSA have changed for 2016, in particular the Yokohama A048 which has been a popular choice in recent years has been dropped from list 1B (it is now a list 1C tyre which is for race only use). This presents us with a need and opportunity to rethink our rules on eligible tyres.

The dilemma this has caused has been immeasurable; on the one hand, we currently use the Yokohama tyre that has served us well for many years, but the future of this tyre is still unknown. It does however look as though new Yoko AO48s will not be road legal in 2016 (granted there may be a few old stock that can still be purchased, but this would lead to split grids and the general consensus from drivers is that they do not have a desire to win races and trophies with a hollow victory due to an unfair tyre advantage). This has lead us to look at other options and the Avon CR6ZZ has risen as a natural alternative choice (there is an anomaly of the 165/13, which are available as a Michelin). These have the added advantage of being a 70 profile tyre (which look far more period correct), they are a race tyre with good levels of grip with the general feeling being that they will slide more than the Yoko's and therefore lead to a more period style of driving.

For me personally, I firmly believe that we are a Road Championship and this status must be maintained, so that leaves us with the option to stay with a 60 profile road tyre. This MAY be a Yoko, it may be another manufacturer - at the time of writing we do not know definitively. Alternatively we take this as an opportunity to move to the Avon (the chosen tyre for the Spa Six hours).

My personal preference is to move to the Avon, however I feel that this should be a decision made by our drivers and as such I am putting the options below to a vote. Please respond using the voting buttons above before the 1st December 2015.

The one thing that I firmly believe is that we must avoid split grids (a wide variation of tyre performance) as I believe that this will lead to a big variation in speed and therefore we will lose the close racing that we have all enjoyed for such a long time.

Possible tyre regulations for 2016:

1. Tyres may be any road legal tyre with a minimum of 60% profile (Note: this may or may not be a Yokohama, at this stage we do not have a definitive answer)

2. Tyres may be any road legal tyre with a minimum of 70% profile (Most likely these will be thee Avon/Michelin combo)

I look forward to receiving all your votes and feedback and once collated, I will update all with the results.

Again, many thanks for all your feedback.


Kevin Kivlochan

Silverstone Finals

It is with some sadness that I write the last race report of 2015, partly as it is now over six months until the next race and also partly due to the sad loss of Terry. Unfortunately Terry, who has served Silverstone Circuit well for many years passed away on the last lap of the last race of the year, how very sad. Terry had worked hard to help all drivers to stay focused and keep on track, to help us all enjoy our racing and for that we are eternally thankful. But sadly there is an end for us all and Terry sadly passed away quietly after being thoroughly annihilated by a Morgan on the last lap of the year …. shame. We shall all miss Terry….Terry the Traffic cone!

But seriously; it has been a fantastic year, with hard fought races all through the grids and fair honest and clean racing all round. Class E went to the wire with Dick Coffey securing the Class.
Our grid was dominated at the front by Morgan’s and Elans taking the top six places, with Peter Shaw’s Elan showing dominance after a hard fought battle with Kevin Kivlochan in his Morgan Plus 8, the lead swapping many times during the twenty minute race.

It was wonderful to see our largest grid of US muscle this year with three mustangs and a Camaro, with Martin Edridge leading this pack and an impressive 7th overall.

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Newsletter Nov 2015 issue 11

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Silverstone Finals
17 Oct

2015 Silverstone Finals

The Historic Road Sports race set the tone for an afternoon of great racing as Peter Shaw (Lotus Elan) just saw off Kevin Kivlochan (Morgan Plus 8) after a race-long contest. Only in the closing stages was Shaw able to edge a couple of seconds clear after they traded the lead several times.
"That was one of the most enjoyable races of the season," said Shaw after edging the new champion into second.

Read full report.

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Message from the Chairman
Dear All

What a great race finale we had and thanks to you all for your contribution at the Drivers’ Meeting.

I will be doing a full write up in due course but for now I am doing one last run of the HRS 2015 jackets. If you would like one and you have raced a minimum of 4 rounds or are a sponsor, please me know (along with your size) by this coming Friday 23rd October.

Price: £75 including postage.



Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch saw a late flurry of entries to bring the grid up to 15 starters.

As we are now in the twilight of the season, we saw a number of classes wrapped up with one round remaining. Colin Sharp has won class B and Roger Waite has secured class C, with Richard Owen winning class F. An interesting situation in class D whereby John Shaw, last year’s Champion has held onto class D if he competes at Silverstone, as John will need to do a minimum of four rounds (HRS regs 1.7.3).

Class E however still hangs in the balance between Dick Coffey in his Turner 57 points and Larry Tucker in his MG Midget 52 points. Roger Waite made a commanding start to this year’s Championship; however a troubled weekend at Croft turned the balance in favour of Kevin Kivlochan in his Morgan, who has now secured the overall Championship this year.

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Newsletter Sept 2015 issue 10

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newsletter in pdf

Newsletter Sept 2015 issue 9

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newsletter in pdf

Oulton Park Gold Cup

An impressive 24 car grid at The Gold Cup. Roger Waite ranked up another win in his élan, although Patrick Ward Booth made him work hard with a gap of less than three seconds at the end of a dry twenty minutes; David Bowland took fastest lap of the race with a 2:02.495.
Larry Tucker took Class E, ahead of Dick Coffey by a mere 0.375 of a second.
Colin Sharp took Class B honours in his TR5.
Closest dice of the day went to Nick Savage in his Chevy Camaro and John Shaw in his 911, with a gap of 0.021.
After the race there was a stewards enquiry as it was rumoured that Nick Savage won by attaching his transponder to a selfie stick!!

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Croft Nostalgia Weekend

The great thing with Historic Racing is the variety and competition; with six weekends now completed and five different race winners, the Historic Road Sports Championship certainly leads the way.
The weather was kind to us all weekend. Saturday morning saw an early start and a combined qualifying session with the 70's, so a busy track for all. Peter Shaw put his Élan on pole, closely followed by John Davison also in an Élan. Peter ran a beautifully controlled race from start to finish to win by 6.351 seconds to John Davison and Kevin Kivlochan taking the last podium spot. Dick Coffey winning class E in his Turner.

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Newsletter Aug 2015 issue 8

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Croft 2015

John Davison Master Class at Croft 2015

Brands Hatch HSCC Super Prix

It is with mixed emotions that I write the summary of our Brands Super Prix meeting.
Firstly I would like to thank all who entered to provide what was surely the best, most varied and popular grid of the day, from a Porsche 911 to a Lotus Elite, all makes, styles and sizes were covered. We had our first entries in the Gerry Marshall Trophy and a warm welcome to Morgan and Roger Sparrow in their wonderfully prepared cars; an MG Midget and a beautiful Marine blue 911.
The race itself was not our finest hour with two red flag incidents; we were held on the grid far too long for the re-start and I have received many comments from drivers about this. I have discussed this with the main HSCC club and you will see below a response from Grahame White on this topic.

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Newsletter July 2015 issue 7

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Newsletter July 2015 issue 6

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Cadwell Park (Wolds Trophy)

Roger Waite put his stamp on the Championship with an impressive double win and taking a commanding lead it the points table. Although Larry Tucker, with 33 points in class E, is still in the mix and chipping away at Roger’s heels.
We had a wonderful two days where we were blessed by good weather and a great track. I would like to urge everyone to make the effort to attend next year; Cadwell is a wonderful track, demanding yet rewarding and I think it fair to say that everyone had a great time.

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Snetterton 13th & 14th June (Autosport Three Hours)

A very wet weekend's racing was enjoyed by all. The Historic Road Sports and the 70's Road Sports grids being amalgamated. Morgan's dominated the weekend with a 1, 2, 3 in both races. The first race being won by Richard Plant, with second place going to Philip Goddard and Kevin Kivlochan in third. Race two saw Goddard take the spoils with Plant in second.

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Newsletter June 2015 issue 5

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Newsletter June 2015 issue 4

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Wow Wow Wow, what a race we had at Donington and what a great turn out (26 car grid) and a great day for new faces.
Dave Boland turned out in his immaculate G4 and managed a very respectable 7th place.
Hugh Powell had a great first outing in Uncle Andy Shepherd's 7. He maintains it's a one-off but the grin on his face when he came off the circuit suggests otherwise!
Jason Tarr has joined us for the first time in what may be the most original TVR Griffith in historic racing today.
We also saw the welcome return of Jim Grant in his Elan and Class D was bolstered with entries from Stephen Winter and Simon Bowrey, both in 911's.
Jeremy Mortimer has rejoined after a long absence and enjoyed his second outing this season in his very nice MGB.

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Well we finally got a race in 2015 and what a race that was. We were joined by FISCAR with some beautiful 50’s sports cars to make up a grid of 39 cars.
Peter Shaw qualified his Elan on pole again, after also getting pole at Thruxton.
Sadly for Peter engine problems early in the race saw the contents of his sump dumped on the Hanger straight, offering the lead to Richard Plant in his Morgan.

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Newsletter May 2015 issue 3

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Silverstone GP 16 - 17 May

Peter Shaw (Elan) heads a spectacular 50 car grid on the Silverstone GP circuit, but his luck didn't last.

Race report courtesy of

Polesitter Shaw was allso out of luck in HRS/FiSCar when his Elan broke, leaving Roger Waite to fly the Lotus flag against the V8 Morgans of Richard Plant and Kevin Kivlochan.
In the end, Waite split the Moggies with a late flourish. Andrew Sharp's Aston Martin DB2 pverpowered Robin Ellis's Elite in the 50s set.
Special guest Julian Balme lines up ahead of Graham Oakins' beautiful Alfa Giulia, in a Marcos borrowed from Bob Pomeroy.
Larry Tucker and Ian Burford discuss the handling characteristics of their Midget based racers.

Newsletter April 2015 issue 2

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After a thoroughly damp race in 2014, it looked like we were to get a dry race this year.
Qualifying went well and without a hitch.

However our race was not to be, due to a rather nasty accident in the race before we ran out of track hours and the race was cancelled.
Hopefully all drivers who took part will know by now that that you will be receiving a refund/free next race. (Please make sure that you claim/request this at your next race entry).

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Gerry Marshall award new for 2015

Thruxton 4th - 5th April

Due to an incident in the previous race this was as far as the HRS grid went in the season opener. Peter Shaw was on pole having achieved an average speed of 92mph, with new Chairman Kevin Kivlochan just 0.3 secs behind.



Whilst the outcome was disappointing, smiles were restored when the club announced it would issue vouchers to all drivers for the full value of the entry fee, to be used at any future round.
Harness Termination

Click to see in full
There are a number of alternative ways of attaching harness straps to the structure of the car. One method is to wrap the harness webbing around a harness bar incorporated into the ROPS (requirements as per (K)1.3.9) and secure is by use of a three bar adjuster. For the arrangement to be secure, the... Click to see in full.  
2015 Sponsors
We are delighted to announce that the new Championship Sponsor for the 2015 season is ONI Plc.

ONI is a communications integrator with over 23 years experience of delivering business communications solutions to organisations both in the public and private sector. We are privately owned with a track record of growth and profitability and a reputation of consistently delivering on our promise. Our goal is to provide the specialist knowledge, expertise and services that allow our customers to benefit from the latest developments that are changing the way we connect, communicate and collaborate.
  We have also secured the following race day sponsors.

Hawk Cars Ltd

Established by Gerry Hawkridge , Hawk Cars Limited are a manufacturer of high quality, replica-type kit cars and components, specializing in the AC Cobra and Ace and also the Lancia Stratos.


Witchampton Garage

We are pleased to anounce the continued support of Larry at Witchampton Garage.


Newsletter February 2015 issue 1

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newsletter in pdf

Welcome to the latest edition of Historic Road Sports News

I hope you like the format of the new Historic Road Sports News.

Since the Silverstone finals I have been busy working with Mike Eagles, Dave Randall and the HSCC office, coming up to speed with my new role. Last year we had some great races and wonderful grids, although we did suffer at a few circuits with low entries. My aim is to try and encourage friendly and safe racing for all with a good camaraderie in the paddock as I believe that over time this will help to swell our grids and provide us all with some close racing and enjoyable weekends.

The provisional calendar is shown within this news letter, however we are still not aware of the details of each weekend's schedules, when these are available I will circulate to all (although I have attached an initial provisional schedule for our first race at Thruxton). In the meantime, I have managed to “repossess” the paddock flag and as such I will aim to place this in the correct area within the paddock to encourage us to all park in the same location, so please do look out for that.

I am still trying to find and encourage some sponsorship for our series that I can use to provide hospitality for drivers and friends at the races (particularly the two day weekends), so if you know of anyone who may be willing to help in any way, please do pass them my details.

Our first race this year will be at Thruxton., There is a Premier Inn in Andover, 4 miles from the circuit and that weekend they have a saver rate of £39 for 4th (Sat) and £35 for 5th (Sun) which is Easter weekend – so you might just need to book early! (I have checked and they don’t offer discounts as they feel their room rates are competitive and they offer the best deals already).

I have been in communication with a number of potential new drivers to our series and some pervious competitors who are considering returning to race with us. If you see these people at the tracks, please do make them feel welcome.

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The Gerry Marshall Novice Award new for 2015

The Historic Sports Car Club has launched a new scheme to encourage novice competitors to join one of its most accessible race championships, Historic Road Sports.

Launched at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in November, the scheme will reward the best novice in the championship with a prestigious end-of-season trophy, and free racing membership for the following season.

Alongside the awards, drivers starting racing with the HSCC will receive a warm welcome from like-minded enthusiasts, practical support, guidance and encouragement at race weekends and free access to a wealth of expertise.

"We have always been a club that offers newcomers a perfect place to start racing," said HSCC CEO Grahame White. "We recognise that making a start in racing can be daunting, but we hope that this initiative will encourage newcomers to join us. They will be warmly welcomed and will receive all the support and advice they need."

The Gerry Marshall Award is aimed at novice drivers who wish to start racing in historic sports cars (A novice being a driver who starts the season with three or less signatures on their licence).

The first award will be presented by Gerry's son Gregor; "When Kevin contacted me and asked if the club could use my late father's name for a new award for the best newcomer, I did not hesitate to say yes. It is a great honour that a club with such standing has asked, but more importantly it is very important to encourage new people into Motorsport and Dad would have fully supported and backed the idea.
I wish the club well for 2015 (and onwards) and also good luck to the first recipient of the Gerry Marshall award - I look forward to meeting you"

The HSCC calendar is one of the best available in the UK, with a schedule of high-profile historic race meetings that includes the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit, the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, the Oulton Park International circuit and Donington Park.

Gerry's son Gregor

to present 1st award

2015 MSA Rule changes

Click to see rule changes


Motorsport Noise Petition

Like your Motorsport with noise? Have your say now, this e-petition closes in March. Well done Darron Coster for making a stand for common sense.

Introduce mandatory noise complaint waiver for anyone who buys or rents a property close to motorsport venue.

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
There are innumerate cases of people knowingly moving within close proximity of motorsport venues, only to try to have their planning permission revoked or have them closed completely when they take exception to the noise.

It is extremely detrimental to the UK's motorsport heritage, when all the motorsport venues start disappearing. Motorsport and the associated mechanical/engineering business is a key British export and second to none in the world of motorsports.

As such, anyone who wishes to buy or rent a property within a determined distance of a motorsport venue should have to read and sign legislature that waives their right to complain about the noise from the nearby venue. If they do not wish to be bothered by something that was a fixture of the community long before they arrived, they should not move there in the first place.

Hitoric Road Sports Champions 2014

Historic Roadsports Champion

John Shaw (D) Porsche 911

Class Winners

Kevin Kivlochan (A) Morgan Plus 8
Colin Sharp (B) Triumph TR5 4A
Andy Shepherd (C) Lotus 7 S2
Peter Chappell (E) Austin Healy Sprite MK1
Richard Owen (F) Triumph TR2


Click on image to see full 2014 season report


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It is not our intention to misinform, invade privacy or infringe copyright. If there is anything on this site that you are not happy with or is incorrect please inform the webmaster. Otherwise we hope you enjoy it.
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